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Campus Management Committee

The Campus Management Committee (Fachausschuss Campusmanagement - FA-CM) supports the operation of the KLIPS 2.0 service and projects related to campus management. It also supports the flow of information to the Faculties and administration departments.

It decides on schedules and processes (e.g., the semester plan for the administrative phases of the academic calendar within KLIPS 2.0) and makes recommendations to managers on administrative or organizational issues.

The Commission for Information and Communication (IuKK) is the authority in charge of ensuring the operation of services, the Commission for Teaching, Studies and Student Affairs (LSK) is in charge of technical and/or organizational issues. The Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies decides on the responsibilities of these commissions in consultation with the chairperson of the expert committee.


The Campus Management Committee is composed of

  • one representative from each Faculty,
  • one representative of the Centre for Teacher Education (ZfL),
  • one Student Council (AStA) representative,
  • one representative each from Divisions 2, 5, and 9,
  • one representative from Unit 01
  • one representative from the ProfessionalCenter
  • one representative each from the Non-academic Staff Council (PR TuV) and the Academic and Artistic Staff Council (PR  Wiss),
  • the head of the KLIPS team (chairperson),
  • the head of the Reporting in Teaching and Studies team

Working groups

The following working groups are part of  the Campus Management Technical Committee (in brackets the heads of the working groups):

  • Working group Application/Admission and Student Management (M. Schnorrenberg)
  • Working group Examination Management (A. Rings)
  • Working group Event Management (M. Stommel)
  • Working group Teaching Room Management (M. Stommel)