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Digital Teaching Committee

The Digital Teaching Expert Committee (FA-DL) identifies and streamlines resources and groups already working in the area of digital teaching at the University of Cologne. It ascertains different demands, and advises and supports the university headship – represented by the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies – regarding the best use of funds to reach the University's goals. In addition, it supports the operation of the ILIAS service.

The committee continuously evaluates the potential of digital tools and examines their didactic added value for gaining, communicating, evaluating and preserving knowledge. On the basis of the collected information as well as SWOT analyses, it supports working groups in the preparation of funding proposals.

The committee fulfils tasks delegated from higher-level committees and formulates recommendations for them.

These include the Commission for Information and Communication (IuKK) regarding questions of service operation and the Commission for Teaching, Studies and Student Affairs (LSK) regarding functional and/or organizational questions. The Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies decides on the responsibilities of these commissions in consultation with the chairperson of the expert committee.


The FA-DL is composed of

  • one representative from each of the six Faculties,
  • a representative of the Centre for Teacher Education (ZfL),
  • a representative of the student committee AStA,
  • a representative of the University and City Library (USB),
  • a representative of the Regional Computer Centre Cologne (RRZK),
  • a representative of the Centre for Teaching in Higher Education (ZHD),
  • a representative of Netzwerk Medien,
  • a representative of Division 9,
  • one representative each of the Non-Academic Staff Council (TuV) and the Academic and Artistic Staff Council (pr.wiss),
  • the head of the Digital Studies Department in the Vice-Rectorate for Teaching and Studies as a representative of the Vice-rector (Chair),
  • the head of the Competence Center E-Learning (CCE).

Working groups

The following working groups are assigned to the Digital Teaching Expert Committee (the working group coordinators are shown in brackets):

  • Working group E-Assessment (A. Löwe)
  • Working group Copyright/OER (J. Eden)
  • Working group E-Learning Best Practice (N. Haack)
  • Working group Learning Spaces/Room Concepts (T. Ochs)
  • Working group Communication/Awareness digital teaching (A. Ricke, H. den Ouden)
  • Working group Flipped Classroom (D. Hezel)