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Reporting Teaching and Studies


On these web pages you will find information on our area 'Reporting Teaching and Studies' at the University of Cologne as well as on our services, the relevant processes and the institutions and teams involved.

We always have an open ear for questions, suggestions, and also for critical comments - or an open  mailbox - and will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Tasks of the Team Reporting Teaching and Studies

expand: Reporting Teaching and Studies - Portfolio of services
Reporting Teaching and Studies - Portfolio of services

The team operates the data-based reporting system in the area of teaching and studies at the University of Cologne. The field of activity can be divided into four basic areas: reporting (internal and external), controlling of teaching and student-related data/clearing house for final examinations, monitoring, and data management.

In addition, the team also provides various services for university members and affiliated teams/work areas. The diagram on the left shows the service portfolio in the context of the university and external institutions.

The respective areas and services are introduced below.

External reporting

External reporting includes meeting the University's legal reporting obligations to the state and federal government as well as answering/supporting the response to information needs and inquiries from external institutions (e.g., radio stations, the press, or external research institutions). This also includes the provision of data for the University's participation in national and international rankings.

Internal reporting

The internal reporting system is aimed at university employees who - centrally or decentrally, in the Faculties and in the administration - are involved in decision-making, steering or management tasks. In addition to providing data and key figures, the team supports internal reporting projects and also provides ad-hoc evaluations and expert advice. At the same time, the team operates its own reporting system and provides the University with figures and evaluations on certain key dates.

Controlling student and examination data

The focus of controlling in the area of reporting is the transformation of data for information, planning, and controlling purposes.

The Teaching and Study Reporting team supports UoC institutions (dean's offices, programme managers, examination offices, etc.) as well as the university headship in the area of teaching, student, and examination controlling.

Among other things, regular overviews of the development of student numbers and (final) exam (planning) as well as target/actual comparisons, e.g. of HoPa-relevant first-year students or the enrollment status/capacity utilization for specific degree programmes (controlling) are produced. In addition, the figures we produce and use are checked in various contexts (control).

Furthermore, the reporting team offers support in the preparation, analysis, and interpretation of data.


By setting up a central university-wide ECTS monitoring system, the reporting team will initially implement the requirements of the state of NRW. The fundamental question behind this is as interesting as it is groundbreaking for the universities: 'How can empirical data on students' educational progress be used to improve their academic success?'

This form of programme monitoring will expand the possibilities for universities to obtain meaningful data on the course of studies of student cohorts (aggregated at the programme level) and in particular on 'hurdles' in their studies. The University of Cologne is also endeavouring to answer this question as profitably as possible for its students within the framework of its in-house project 'Successful Studying at the UoC' in order to be able to improve services on this basis.

The reporting team will establish a central service for the Faculties and the administration in accordance with the University's objectives.

Clearing House for Final Exams

The Clearingstelle Abschlussprüfungen (Clearing House for Final Exams) ensures the delivery of the UoC's official audit statistics to the State of NRW (IT.NRW) and acts as a central interface between IT.NRW and the UoC's examination offices.

Until the comprehensive administration of degrees in KLIPS 2.0 is achieved, the data of the externally administered degrees will be queried at the examination offices of the UoC, processed, and combined with the degrees administered in KLIPS 2.0 in a delivery file. In a further step, the data is supplemented with information on the international mobility of graduates (this is a requirement of the new University Statistics Act).

After notification and feedback from IT.NRW, the Clearing House makes corrections in coordination with the examination offices and prepares the official figures for the University.

Among other things, the numbers of graduates form a basis for funds by the state to the University (HoPa success bonus, performance-oriented distribution of funds) and are therefore of particular importance.

Data management

The constantly growing information requirements and reporting obligations are continually increasing the complexity of data maintenance and provision. New reporting requirements affect the underlying administrative processes in the respective department. The reporting team therefore works together with the pertaining departments to optimize data maintenance and business processes in the area of teaching and studies and at the same time supports the design and implementation of stringent data management. These efforts are of fundamental importance because the evaluations and reports provided for internal and external reporting are based on data that is extracted from the various operational areas and data stocks.