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The principles governing our work

Principles of Data Provision

In accordance with our quality criteria, we have formulated principles for the provision of data which serve as guidelines for our actions and are intended to clarify how we handle inquiries and why we do not handle some inquiries one-to-one as desired. The most important ones for you as an inquirer are listed below.


  1. We regularly (in the semester, the academic year, or the examination year) provide data from the area of Teaching and Studies in such a way that the university public or certain groups of people at the University of Cologne can call up figures and reports for their requirements or facilities: On these pages, via access-restricted exchange folders on the fb drive (administrative departments) or via access-restricted folders on the university's BSCW (Faculties, Centre for Teacher Education (ZfL), other central/decentral institutions). If necessary, we will refer you to the relevant pages or storage locations (and the persons in your institution who are authorized to access them).
  2. We answer individual inquiries as fast as we can (see point 5). Your affiliation to the university or the  inquiring institution should be made clear. Therefore, please use your student or university account or the administrative address of the UoC for your inquiry. External parties should use the address of their respective institutions.
  3. Please make your request as specific as possible (e.g. students in the first semester of a degree programme (degree/subject combination) in semester XY) and briefly explain the purpose of the data request. The more specific your request and the goal/purpose are formulated, the faster we can provide you with data or, after a short consultation, determine the need and our possibilities for providing data.
  4. Certain data and reports are only made available on a key date, or after consultation with other departments. Under certain circumstances, we will answer your inquiry with a corresponding note.
  5. We process all regular inquiries from the University within three working days. Should our resources be tied up by larger orders from the University or by preparation for data delivery to external agencies (IT.NRW, MKW), we reserve the right to prioritize requests, inform you before the deadline, and jointly determine a delivery date.
  6. We never give out student numbers and names together when it comes to student data. Further restrictions on data output result from the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (DSG NRW). Please see the pages of Staff Unir 02, where the data protection officer can be contacted.
  7. We do not fill in external templates. I.e., if you wish to use your own forms, you will receive data from us in our report/delivery formats and must fill in your documents yourself with selected figures. The same applies to establishing relations to figures from third parties.
  8. We do not maintain follow-ups for our customers. Even if we have agreed on regular data deliveries with you/your institution, we ask you to remind us/confirm our requirements in the quarter of delivery at least four weeks before the desired delivery date. We do the same for our queries (e.g. data queries for examination statistics).
  9. Queries to the personal e-mail addresses of our team members will not be processed. Please send your request via e-mail to