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Digital Studies

The unit Digital Studies at the Vice Rectorate for Teaching and Studies coordinates tasks and questions regarding the digitization of teaching and studies.

It focuses on issues such as campus maganement, digital teaching and reporting (in regard to study-related data). A team is responsible for each of these areas.

The most important tasks of the unit include

  • administration of central services for digital studies (e-learning, campus management) 
  • the further development and expansion of the platforms ILIAS and KLIPS 2.0 
  • providing data from teaching and studies
  • implementing and supporting projects at the university concerning the digitization of teaching and studies
Cooperation and Commission Structure

The unit Digital Studies cooperates with the Faculties, the university administration and central institutions in the Campus Management Commission and  the Digital Teaching Commission.

The organigram of the unit Digital Studies offers an overview of the commission structure and decision-making channels.