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Campus Management at the University of Cologne

KLIPS 2.0 is the University of Cologne's campus management system. These web pages provide information on the relevant processes, the responsible persons and the systems we use.

What is campus management?

Campus management covers all processes at the University focused on students - from enrollment to teaching and examination organization to the completion of studies. In their entirety, these processes are the 'student life cycle'.

Alle Prozesse des Student Life Cycle werden im selben System durchgeführt. Es ist nicht notwendig, für die einzelnen Prozessschritte zwischen verschiedenen Systemen zu wechseln.

How is campus management implemented at the UoC?

At the University of Cologne, technical support for the processes of the student life cycle are offered through KLIPS (Kölner Lehr-, Informations- und Prüfungsservice - Cologne Teaching, Information, and Examination Service).

The KLIPS campus management system was introduced at the University of Cologne in 2006. As part of the Migration Campus Management (MCM) project, a new, integrated campus management system was introduced from February 2010 to June 2016: KLIPS 2.0.

With the launch of pilot operations in the 2014/15 winter semester, both systems were initially operated in parallel. KLIPS 2.0 has been in full operation since the 2015/16 winter semester. The parallel use of KLIPS ended with the 2017 summer semester. Since then, and with only few exceptions, KLIPS 2.0 has been the definitive system for the organization of studies.

What are the advantages of campus management with KLIPS 2.0 for students and lecturers?

KLIPS 2.0 is a central component of the everyday working and studying environment of students, faculty, ant staff at the UoC. What is important, and above all convenient, is that it is an integrated system:

  • The KLIPS 2.0 campus management system enables students to plan their studies online and to register for courses and exams. Course places are allocated according to transparent criteria. Deadlines and requirements for exam registrations are set out in the module manuals. Central documents such as the certificate of enrollment or a transcript of records no longer need to be applied for in person, but can be printed out at home.

  • Employees in the Faculties and administration are supported by KLIPS 2.0 in the administration of events and examinations, as well as in providing student services. Moreover, KLIPS 2.0 offers lecturers the opportunity to contact students in addition to course administration and exam planning. An interface to the ILIAS e-learning platform supports the provision of teaching materials.

  •  All seminar, lecture, and examination offers of the University of Cologne are published on this platform.
KLIPS team

Within the Digital Studies area, the KLIPS team is responsible for application support of KLIPS 2.0. This includes the business processes of the Student Life Cycle and some operational processes. Before the introduction of KLIPS 2.0 (CAMPUSonline), the University of Cologne used HIS-GX products (POS and LSF) to manage courses and exams. Since the winter semester 17/18, KLIPS 2.0 has been the main system used by students. In very few cases, POS functionalities are still being used.

Welche Entscheidungswege gibt es?

Themen, die sich auf das Campusmanagement beziehen, werden im Fachausschuss Campusmanagement behandelt, sofern es sich nicht um Inhalte spezifischer Projekte mit eigenen Projektgremien handelt.

Der Fachausschuss wird aus dem Bereich Campusmanagement von Arbeitsgruppen (AG) zu den Themen Bewerbung/Zulassung, Veranstaltungsmanagement, Lehrraummanagement, Prüfungsmanagement unterstützt.