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KLIPS team contact persons

The KLIPS team of the University of Cologne will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the cmpus management system KLIPS 2.0. Please use our contact form or write an email.


Head of team
  • Simone Mostert
  • Dr. Andreas Rings (deputy)
Application and Student Management
  • Yodit Measho
  • Michael Schnorrenberg
Event Management
  • Martin Stommel
  • André Borgouns
Lecture Hall Management
  • Martin Stommel
  • André Borgouns
Examination and SPO-Management
  • Heike Huybrechts
  • Santiago Maraia
  • Dr. Andreas Rings
Application Support
  • André Borgouns
  • Melanie Kaltenbach (E-Studierendenakte)
  • Richard Lichtenfels (PIM)
  • Ulrike Herbst
KLIPS Support
  • Paul Bonn
  • Florian Müller
Student Assistants
  • Sally Ehlers
  • Paul Friedrich
  • Annika Klee
  • Theresa Ohlig
  • Miriam Ortmann